Welcome to Neptune Circle!

From early 2001 until late 2009, Rocky Pinnicle and John Mazz killed time and practiced creativity by making over 85 Flash cartoons and games, loosely inspired by friends and pop culture. NC was never a big viral hit, but we had a lot of fun and so did our fans. The Neptune Circle Forums became a nice community for a few years, many members are still facebook friends to this day.

It was fun, but life went on. Rocky got married and had a daughter, John did the same soon after, and we found that there wasn't much time to meet up to keep animating. The website stayed online for many years until modern web browsers stopped supporting Flash, and in 2018 the site was basically empty of workable content. We would love to digitize our old animations for the fans that remember them and for ourselves, and we hope to someday. When we do, we'll update this page to a more full website, but for now this page is to link to some of our content that is still working.

Until then, we want to thank all of our fans that made us part of your lives, and vice versa. Thank you!


Neptune Circle Cast of Characters